City life is filled with noise, traffic, disruptions, and an unending stream of stress-inducing disturbances. The average American also spends 90% of their time indoors, away from nature.

Modern research proves that being in nature can restore us, physically and mentally, making us rejuvenated and deeply relaxed.


The Best Productivity Hack Is Right Outside Your Door

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a practice of immersing yourself in the woods to relax and recharge.

The benefits of forest bathing include stress reduction, enhanced immune function, improved sleep, and relief from pain and anxiety.


  • If you are perpetually stuck in your office, adding indoor plants to your workspace can make you calm and more productive.
  • The Sun is required for our mental state of awakeness and for producing vitamin D. Modern offices have fitness centers, swanky cafeterias, and other amenities but lack natural light.
  • Even a window that provides a view to nature can work wonders for your mood and productivity.


Guided Imagery or visualization is a powerful technique to boost your productivity and mood.

The mind can make the body relaxed. We all practice guided imagery in a negative sense all the time, by worrying. If the same technique is used positively, and visualize beautiful imagery of nature, it can lower our anxiety levels and boost our performance


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