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Talking out loud to yourself is a technology for thinking | Psyche Ideas

Talking out loud to yourself is a technology for thinking | Psyche Ideas


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Talking To Yourself Aloud

Speaking out loud comes out instinctively in many of us while memorizing a text or while developing an idea.

While it may look and sound unusual to the onlookers, speaking to yourself aloud is both a medium of communication and a technology of thinking, facilitating the formation ...

From Ancient Greece and Rome to 19th century Germany, the idea of using speech as a thinking methodology has been observed and documented.

Constructive thinking requires free speech, as speech then becomes a creative process that gives birth to thoughts.

Positive psychology has a popular tool for self-empowerment: spoken self-affirmation. Self-talk increases one’s involvement in the process and contributes to one’s emotional regulation and motivation.

Popular books on the law of attraction and the power of the subconscious...

The problem stems from the fact that self-talk is considered a kindergarten version of inner-speech, which is the silent voice in our heads.

Adults normally internalize their self-talk and leave the talking aloud to children, people with mental health issues, and when in private settings....

  • Talking out aloud opens up the words, providing full thought retrieval, and using rhythm and intonation to bring out the main idea while increasing the dialogical abilities of our own speech.
  • Mute inner speech, on the other hand encourages short-hand language and mental shortcuts, ...

Activities like writing, playing a musical instrument or dancing are not starting from the brain and then emitting from the body, but take the entire body-mind as a whole, integrated system, with each part influencing and complementing the other.

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