Comparing bid management platforms - Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly - Deepstash
Comparing bid management platforms - Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

Comparing bid management platforms - Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

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Bid Management Tool

  1. Kenshoo - Deals with Social media marketing and search media marketing
  2. Wordstream - Good for small orgs doing PPC adv
  3. Marin - Offers the same features like Kenshoo and Wordstream


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Email Marketing Considerations

  1. Size of Email list is important because the cost of the tool will depend on this
  2. Lead generation tool will be an important consideration to connect with other tools for digital marketing. We should be able to send different emails to different customers in their specific purchase cycle
  3. Automation - Need to choose tools that allow automation 
  4. Easy to Use
  5. Scalability - We should be able to easily upgrade that allows us to add more users later
  6. Anaytics-to know open rate, drop rate, and AB testing


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Search Engine Marketing

  1. Google Adv Manager
  2. Search Engine Marketing for Yahoo (Verizon Media) and Bing (Microsoft Adv)
  3. SEM for China - Baidu
  4. SEM Rush - Can analyse competitor information
  5. SFYFU - Also lets analyse competitor information. How much is a particular competitor being searched


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Top Email Marketing Tools

  1. Hubspot - The industry leader for Email Marketing. 
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Aweber - Good tool for Lead generation for people to opt into your emails. Integrates well with WordPress
  4. Active Campaign - Fully functional email marketing campaign like Hubspot with inbuilt CRM and integration to WordPress
  5. Mailchimp - Industry Leader. Multiple app integrations. It is popular with some people and others don't like it at all. It is the only one with has a free plan and we can send up to 2000 emails


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Video Advertising Tools

  1. Google Ads is just to manage ads on google tools like Youtube, instagram
  2. Google Adv Manager is for larger organization but it is better to use Google Adv Manager for all companies
  3. OpenX - It is a step up from using google adv manager and shows ads on premium ads
  4. AppNexus - AT&T tool for video advertisement
  5. Facebook for Business - also supports video adv


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Selecting Affiliate Marketing Platform


  1. Payment Structure (CPC/CPA) - Choose the ones that pay only based on action
  2. Robust tracking features
  3. Commission Customization - Find platforms that have high-quality affiliates.
  4. Reputation


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Mobile Adv Platform

  1. Google Ad Mob
  2. - Does both mobile and web
  3. Apple Search Ads - Show the adv in apple app store. This is the only tool to advertise on app store
  4. Unity Apps - Use it to advertise within the mobile games
  5. Inmobi - High quality large network for moible advertising
  6. Text Magic - Reaching your audience via text mesages


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Top Affiliate Networks

  1. - Commission junction. In terms of volume it is great but not great quality
  2. Rakuten Advertising - Focuses on quality and ensures that publishers are of good reputation
  3. Click Bank - Popular liek CJ. Is it great option for Digital Products and sell and intangible product. 


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Options for Creating Content

  1. Adobe Spark - Free and allows to create graphics 
  2. Adobe Products - Adobe Create Suite is complex and paid
  3. Final Cut Pro from apple - Very high learning curve 
  4. GIMP - Free open source tool similar to photoshop.
  5. Canva - Easy to learn and use
  6. PIXLR - Tool for editing images. More easy to use than GIMP


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Top platform for content curation

  1. - Most popular application to embed content on website
  2. Feedly - Great tool to subscribe to blogs and get to know if new content is published
  3. Pocket - Similar to evernote but very useful for content curation
  4. Pinterest
  5. - Full fledge solution for markets. You can hire marketers on this platform who will help you create high quality content
  6. Pearltrees - Easier to use than

Feedly to find all of your content. You've got Pocket and Pinterest to save it, and then you've got Pearltrees and to present it to the end users. Again, don't forget how much value you can get out of content curation.


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Web Analytics Tool

  1. Google Analytics - Important to be integrated in the website to know where the users came from and where they are going
  2. Google Search Console - Tell whether the website is loading correctly, is the sitemap setup correctly. Technical details for the website. 
  3. Oribi - Make the data and analytics easier to interpret


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Website User Experience tool

  1. Sitespect - Used by large organizations. Robust tool for optimization of the website. These are people who are going to help improve performance, security of the website
  2. Mixpanel - It is a behavioiral analytics tool. It is for A/B testing. Measure the success of launches and learn about your users
  3. Crazy Egg - Show the heatmap analysis of your website. Use it for doing A/B testing
  4. Hotjar - Similar to Crazy egg


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SEO Tools and techniques

SEO helps to get more users to the website

  1. Yoast SEO - It is an SEO plugin for Wordpress. Free version is great


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Essential Digital Marketing Tools - All STAR List

  1. Social Media - HootSuite
  2. Advertising - Google Ad Manager - Display, SEM, Video Advertising
  3. Email Marketing - HubSpot
  4. SEO - Ubersuggest is the best tool, Moz Pro, Yoast SEO
  5. Design - GIMP and CANVA
  6. Curation -
  7. Affiliate - CJ Affiliate


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