How hard should I push myself? - Deepstash

Stress is neither good or bad. It's a natural protection response:

If you're an animal in the Serengeti & you're being chased by a lion you really, really want to have a stress response. Being stressed means you’re preparing your muscles to move—your heart rate rises & pushes blood to your extremities by releasing glucose.

In small doses, stress it’s good, but too much stress can make you miserable. We should not be stressed all the time. 


If you want to live a life where you’re pushing yourself, develop coping strategies to help you manage stress:

  • Increase your sense of control: just knowing you have the option to reduce stress is enough to make something less stressful.
  • Increase your sense of predictability: teach yourself to recognise situations that make you stress out.
  • Create outlets for frustration: exercise, journaling or meditation.


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