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Dreamer Disatisfaction

Dreamer Disatisfaction

  1. Thinking big, talking big, But end up doing small .😅
  2. Juggling between one project/tasks/goals to another abandoning previous without completion.
  3. Finishing few projects by putting things till last, stressing out body/mind, low quality work
  4. Disintegrated Dreamer:- Disintegration between what you think, say and what you do
  • Hence creating an unbalanced/dissatisfied life


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Self Assessment

Self Assessment

1. Notice how you use your language :

  • If you make empty promises or don't take your daily commitments(priorities) seriously.
  • If you postpone your commitments for next day with out any concrete reason
  • If you don't commit to your words

you have a subconscious habit of not giving importance to things that matter to you (your priorities).


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The Transformative Truth

Everytime you break a promise or a commitment, you die a small spiritual death.



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Dreamer 🤩 to Doer 😑

Dreamer 🤩 to Doer 😑

  1. Emergency pull 🔥
  2. Planning 🤔
  3. Empowering💪
  4. Clarification😑
  5. Ascendence✨😑✨


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Contengency Plan

Contengency Plan

  1. Find out any current emergency like a financial crises, or an exam, or an upcoming deadline for project etc.
  2. Think: How can you get a solution ASAP with minimum efforts and satisfactory (enough for survival) results?
  3. Your end goal should be to get a result or a product as soon as possible. No perfection, no perfect plan just a small working solution.
  4. With contegecy plan you have at least a little clarity about what, where, and how much you have to improve to get expected results plus you have an emergency plan if things didn't work
  5. Improve your results or product (slowly)? In next phases.


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Stage 1: Planning

Stage 1: Planning

To ensure momentum at early stages:

  1. Never focus on what is possible, focus on what is practical(i.e. make a to do list that you are confident enough to complete)
  2. Consider it a life death situation to complete the tasks. Hence tasks should be easy, small, and repeatable. (2-3 MOST IMPORTANT TASKS)
  3. Think small, say small, do small
  4. Until you are confident enough, have momentum, and feel less disatisfied.


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Stage 2: Empowering

Stage 2: Empowering

After when you can effectively follow through Stage 1(i.e. you are able to create momentum) do below:

  1. Think a little more,say a little more and do a little more.
  2. Push yourself a bit more
  3. Until you feel powerful enough, your word is your magical wand, you feel committed to your priorities
  4. If you feel difficulties to follow through go back to stage 1 and repeat.


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Stage 3: Clarification

Stage 3: Clarification

  1. When you gain power of momentum and control ,you think to achieve everything.
  2. Only by doing you realise how less time you got
  3. You won't get the chance to do everything you dream of


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If you only have enough time to do a few things in life then you have to figure out which things matter to you most and say no to everything else.



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Stage 4: Ascendence

Stage 4: Ascendence

Now after stage 1,2,3 :

  1. The more you repeat the process and each time you accomplish what you want, your wisdom and ability grows
  2. Your confidence and self esteem increases
  3. You Start to think big, want big, say big and Do Big


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Stage 5: Refinement

Stage 5: Refinement

  1. Try to improve your methods and techniques
  2. Figure out tools and techniques to get greater results with minimal efforts in less time.
  3. Do your own research and apply improvement 🙂


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