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The Age Of Automation Is Now: Here's How To 'Futureproof' Yourself

The Age Of Automation Is Now: Here's How To 'Futureproof' Yourself


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What Automation Means For Us?

Automation could lead to tremendous scientific breakthroughs. It could help us cure rare diseases. It could help us fix the climate crisis, and much more. 

But many companies are using automation to replace workers without transforming their companies, or developing new products. They're no...

As Technology Changes, Do New Jobs Emerge?

Many people believe that automation will destroy some jobs, but create new ones. Although that is not the case. During technological transformations like the Industrial Revolution many people didn't find work for a long time. But now the difference is that AI is not just replacing repetitive manu...

The Role of AI in Law

Algorithms determines things like who qualifies for nutrition assistance or public housing. While they do work fine sometimes, the other times they misfire. 

Bots and automation is also being used by governments in the criminal justice system. These algorithms are generally not open and ins...

The Power And Danger Of YouTube Algorithms

Maximizing watch time is the main goal of this algorithm. And so some of the ways that it's learned that it can keep people on YouTube for a long time is by introducing them to new ideas, to conspiracy theories, extreme versions of something people believe in, or things that will lead people down...

There are 3 categories of work that are unlikely to be automated- 

  1. Surprising work- It involves complex rules, changing environments, unexpected variables. AI and automation really like regularity but not an irregular environment. Example- teaching. 
  2. So...

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