Leadership Lesson: Accept That People Are Different - Darius Foroux - Deepstash
Avoid Trying to "Mold" People

This is an important lesson that many managers and leaders need to know. Every time you reduce the differences of your people and have them work alike or have the same mindset, you weaken their creativity and natural flow.

Moreover, making employees feel less motivated and less energetic in producing needed output. The differences of people are what makes us have innovative ideas and the production of great results.


Confident Leaders

By allowing your people to flamboyantly display their differences you show other people that you are:

  1. Not afraid of letting other people's capabilities and talents grow; and
  2. You are confident in yourself, enough, to not be threatened by other people succeeding.

As leaders, producing leaders from a group is a great achievement and an honor to have. It means that we are successful in creating a framework that makes everyone produce great outputs and that we are open to the uniqueness of others.


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