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Marketing News in Brief — 9th April

Marketing News in Brief — 9th April


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Social Media World Latest Updates - April 2021

  1. Busy week in the social media world, with a needed focus on accessibility and better captioning solutions for video content.
  2. It’s been a busy week for audio content as well as Facebook’s NPE has launched a beta test of ‘Hotline ...

TikTok is Still Going Strong

  1. Should have been keeping an eye on TikTok all of this time?
  2. The latest download stats from App Annie

Clubhouse Brings in the Dough

  1. After launching its Creator Accelerator Program last month, hoping to keep top users on the app, Clubhouse has now launched its first direct payment process , which will enable user...

Accessible Videos Leading the Way

  1. Good news for accessibility and better usage on TikTok.
  2. The platform has added a new auto-captions option for videos, enabling creators to switch on automated...

👔 Meet the New Influencers

  1. LinkedIn is fast becoming the new platform to watch with a new wave of influencers, with more and more professionals populating the space.
  2. The platform has published a new,

📣 Pinterest Goes B2B

  1. In a very interesting turn of events, Pinterest has launched its first ever B2B ad campaign, which aims to highlight opportunities for marketers.
  2. The new ‘Be Their Next’ campaign focuses on the different...

🧭️ Giving Back to the Creators

  1. The creator economy keeps on growing.
  2. Pinterest has announced its Creator Fund, allocating for the first time money to support creators on the platform, while it’s also launching a new

🎤 Facebook Coming In Hot

Facebook’s experimental NPE team has released a beta test of ‘Hotline ’, a web-based app that incorporates the engagement features of Clubhouse with more visual and text tools, includin...

💆 Bringing the OM on TikTok

The new Wellness Hub is the latest in TikTok’s broader efforts to provide a more positive and beneficial atmosphere for users, with several mental and physical health resources now available within the app.




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Audio will create the next generation of startups in social networking and publishing, much like the innovations we have seen in messaging, video, and other media to date.



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