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What to Say When Someone Is Gaslighting You

What to Say When Someone Is Gaslighting You

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  • Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation wherein a person effectively gets to distort another person's own memories in ways that benefit them.
  • People who have experienced this type of mental manipulation often have lowered self-esteem and have a heavy emotional reliance on their abuser. Being gaslit can make us feel angry and confused, often frustrated.
  • Some common gaslighting phrases are: "You're too dramatic," "You have a terrible memory," "Can you hear how irrational you sound?"


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Supporting Yourself

Supporting Yourself

There will be many people who will not have the best intentions towards you, but it is crucial that you believe in yourself. Easier said than done, but it's never impossible.

If you struggle with gaslighting, start writing things down as a record of how you're feeling while things are happening. Be kind to yourself and remember that you always have the option to remain centered during conversations and be firm or walk away.


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When Facing Gaslighters

When Facing Gaslighters

Gaslighters are bold people. They blatantly lie and shift the narrative towards you and they constantly will try to minimize your feelings and experiences.

We need to put our sanity over anybody who tries to cause us harm, may it be mentally or emotionally. Here are some phrases to keep in mind:

  • "My feelings and reality are valid. I do not appreciate the way you're treating them as if they don't matter."
  • "I know what I saw and what I felt."
  • "I will not continue this conversation."


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