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The Zen Dilemma of Non Attachment

The Zen Dilemma of Non Attachment

The Eastern philosophy, which includes Zen, teaches us about desiring nothing and being attached to nothing or no one.

Being unattached to our pleasures, family and the good things in life was easy thousands of years ago, when there were few material possessions for the average person.

The dilemma is that by being actively unattached to anything, the person is attached to the belief and desire for non-attachment.


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Defining Our Desires And Attachments

The catch to the dilemma of non-attachment is the way we define our desires and attachments.

If we begin from a basic understanding that in life, everything is lost in the end, everything, as nothing was truly ours, the concept of non-attachment comes to light. We must be willing to accommodate the inevitable loss.


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Your Identity With Yourself

Being present isn’t something we do intentionally, but is the only state we can ever be in. What changes is how we identify ourselves, or our self. Once we detach our identity with our goals, hopes, dreams and thoughts, we begin to realize that we are just a witness, and nothing was ever truly ours.

Our clinging to our identification, or the ego, is the main problem, and we need to understand that life is a game we are playing, and there is no need to identify with our character.


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