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Are You Hypervigilant?

Are You Hypervigilant?


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Are You Hypervigilant?

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Being Hypervigilant

To be hypervigilant is to have a perpetual vigilance or alertness about what can happen with us or around us. The hypervigilant person is never at peace, never calm, and always obsessed about something or the other.

A lack of emotional stability while growing up, or being a victim/witness of domestic violence, or other environmental factors like being in a war zone, can develop into hypervigilance.


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  1. Get some closure about your old childhood regrets, resentments and all the things left unsaid. Diffuse your anxiety by letting out your emotions and being heard.
  2. Understand what triggers the old feelings and puts you in hyper-alert mode. Build self-awareness to check your anxiety levels.
  3. Do good to yourself. Avoid negative self-talk and try deep breathing, journaling or listening to soothing music.
  4. Do not indulge with your brain’s never-ending thought patterns that can be destructive.
  5. Get into action mode and solve the core issue, understanding that you are not a little kid anymore.


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