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How to be creative on demand

How to be creative on demand


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Being creative on demand:

Remember this time last year, when lockdown hit: how many of us said we were going to use the extra time to start a side hustle, write a novel, launch a podcast? And yet for most of us, just having the spare time to do so wasn't enough. Instead, we faced the cold, hard reality that you can't just...

1. Step away from the problem

The most popular answer to our question may seem obvious, but that doesn't make it any less true. If you're having trouble fulfilling a brief, it helps to step away and give your brain a little time to process things. The chances are that when you return, fresh ideas will come.

2. Make a playlist

Another way to jolt your brain into being more creative is to change up the sounds you're listening to.

Having certain music for different types of tasks can be a huge help for you because they act as trigger bringing you into the zone. And the you can work more efficiently.

3. Make a mess

Sometimes your creativity can be held back because you're trying to devise a refined, finished product at the start, rather than being looser and freer with your ideas.

So trying being mess that might bring up some idea off you.

4. Employ mindfulness

If you're struggling to be creative, it could be because you're in the wrong state of mind. So do something about it.

Do some mindfulness practice just before working on something creative.

Mindfulness can do wonders by getting you immersed in work and the results will be something w...

5. Make things quickly

Having too much time to work on a project can sometimes hold you back.

Conversely, putting time restrictions in place can be a great way to unblock your flow.

6. Recreate scenarios

Imagine and recreate scenarios in your head.

Oh wait?

I'm Not talking about OVERTHINKING here.

Intentionally creating scenario about work and imagining things as you want them can hel...

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