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Why Your Diet Is Giving You PMS

Why Your Diet Is Giving You PMS


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Why Your Diet Is Giving You PMS

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What causes PMS?

The neurotransmitter, serotonin, which oversees mood, energy, concentration, and appetite, seems to become less active at the time the premenstrual symptoms arise.


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Food that increase Serotonin may make PMS bearable

  1. The consumption of a carbohydrate-based beverage that increased serotonin levels decreased a variety of PMS symptoms such as anger, depression, confusion, lack of attention and cravings for carbohydrates.
  2. Based on these clinical studies, the connection between the well-known cravings of premenstrual women for chocolate and other sweet carbohydrates now made sense.
  3. Eating carbohydrates is a natural form of self-medicating.
  4. The increase in serotonin levels might not remove all the premenstrual symptoms but at least would make them bearable.


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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate 🍫

  1. Nutritionists may cringe at the nutrient content of a premenstrual diet limited to the four food groups: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.
  2. But for the woman grappling with her premenstrual mood swings, fatigue, and temporary memory loss, eating to take the edge off these symptoms takes precedence over eating foods with better nutrient content.


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Sugar diminishes PMS

Sugar, along with other carbohydrates, diminishes rather than worsens premenstrual symptoms.

  • Yet this information seems to have escaped the notice of the PMS experts giving advice on various web sites devoted to women’s health.
  • Avoiding sugar is usually the first recommendation given to women who hoped to diminish their PMS.


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Starchy carbohydrates diminishes PMS too

Fortunately, starchy carbohydrates have the same positive effect on serotonin and PMS as sugar.

  • Pasta, potatoes, rice, polenta, breads, cereals, pancakes and other starchy carbohydrates will also exert their mellowing effect on premenstrual mood by increasing serotonin.
  • They should be eaten with little or no fat to speed up digestion and little or no protein which prevents serotonin from being made.


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Challenges faced by women

  1. But women are facing another challenge to the natural way of dealing with their PMS. They are being told to follow diets that avoid carbohydrates altogether.
  2. Women’s brains have less serotonin naturally than the brains of men.
  3. So when carbohydrates are avoided, and serotonin levels drop, women are more likely to suffer the effects on their mood, sleep, fatigue and cravings than men at any time.
  4. Couple this with the natural drop in serotonin activity during PMS, and the resulting perfect storm of mood upheavals.


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