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iOS 14, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Advertising

iOS 14, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Advertising

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Apple strengthens its market power

Apple is most likely using ATT strategically to strengthen its market power, with respect to operating the app store. Because of this, Eric expects that ATT policy will be enforced to the maximum extent


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No creative ID in SKAdNetwork

SKAdNetwork doesn't include parameters that are necessary for optimizing ad campaigns and that wouldn't reduce privacy protections. One example is the absence of a creative ID, which wouldn’t help attributing a specific user to a campaign yet is critical to advertisers (as Apple knows since there is a creative ID in the new Apple Ads attribution - AdServices).


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Product to do the audience filtering

Ad platforms use to do the filtering and provide qualified users. With less qualified users, the product will need to segment users into buckets and optimize the experience of these buckets to better monetize. It will need to go beyond early stage offers and content recommendation.


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