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Organizational Alignment: How to Get it Right

Organizational Alignment: How to Get it Right


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Organizational Alignment

Alignment is “a state of agreement or cooperation among persons or groups with a common cause or viewpoint.” When your organization nails it, all employees—from entry-level to your leadership team—share and act on your vision.

Organizational alignment is the glue to perform...

Organizational Alignment Is Changing With Hybrid/Remote Teams

Organizational alignment requires communication and leadership. If that’s done well then employees don’t need to be in an office together from 9-to-5, Monday to Friday, to maintain that alignment.

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. If an orga...

Remote Controlling

The keys to success in a remote world:

  • Have a great culture of collaboration and teamwork
  • Be open and transparent with your team
  • Hire people who care about doing great work and are value-aligned
  • Keep your

The Need For Great Management

Excellent leadership and management are essential for employees to be connected to an organization in remote and hybrid times.

Communication for connection is key and managers who are empathetic and understanding—as well as solid communicators—will be the anchors for futur...

The Future is Hybrid

Flexibility is the new currency in the workplace between employees and employers. The result is a more balanced, happier employee who can focus on the needs of the business versus hours worked. 

Employees would have flexibility in framing their work, so long as they complet...

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