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Why Everyone's Talking About Love Languages These Days & How To Find Yours

Why Everyone's Talking About Love Languages These Days & How To Find Yours



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The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages is the concept, from Dr. Gary Chapman, that there are five different ways of communicating love.

The 5 Love Languages are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts

Love Language | Quality Time

  1. You love one-on-one time, crave it even.
  2. It means a lot when they make time for you and when they include you in their plans.
  3. You cherish every moment spent together creating special memories and building strong bonds.

Love Language | Touch

  1. You enjoy holding hands, hugs, cuddles, and kissing.
  2. You feel grounded in a relationship with plenty of mutual physical affection.
  3. Public displays of affection

Love Language | Words of Wisdom

  1. You enjoy hearing the words, "I love you." It’s both special and meaningful.
  2. Appreciation is felt when you’re being acknowledged and praised. It lets you know that you are valued.
  3. You like when your partner notices so...

Love Language | Acts of Services

  1. You feel most cared for when your partner relieves you of some responsibilities, like chores or tasks. It shows their support. Even more, if you’re stressed or tired.
  2. It means a lot when someone follows through on something, especially when it comes ...

Love Language | Receiving Gifts

  1. You feel loved when you receive a gift. It’s a meaningful gesture you truly appreciate.
  2. You love to seek out mementos during special holidays and after trips or vacations. Seeing the item reminds you of the sentimental moments and your commitment. 

The Reality of Love Languages

Although the 5 Love Languages is a handy communication tool to improve how we interact with each other, it shouldn't be the only tool in the toolbox when it comes to finding ways to understanding love and happiness.

People and relationships can’t be lumped into one simp...

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