Difference Between Hygiene and Sanitation (With Table) - Deepstash
Difference Between Hygiene and Sanitation (With Table)

Difference Between Hygiene and Sanitation (With Table)

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Hygiene vs Sanitation

Hygiene vs Sanitation

The difference between hygiene and sanitation is that hygiene is all about taking personal care

Sanitation is all about taking care of the cleanliness of society as a whole. Hygiene keeps an individual healthy but sanitation keeps the whole society healthy


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Hygiene - Parameters of Comparison

  •  Refers to: It refers to good and healthy living achieved by taking personal care.
  •  Emphasis: Purely on an individual.
  •  About: All about personal cleanliness.
  •  Concept: The concept is related to a single human body.
  •  Importance: It is important to prevent the spread of pathogens.
  •  Characteristic: Solely the human beings.


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Sanitation - Parameters of Comparison

  • Refers to: It refers to good healthy living, which is achieved by preventing man from garbage contacting.
  • Emphasis: Purely on the whole society.
  • About: All about managing the garbage and wastes produced by humans.
  • Concept: This concept combines the cleanliness of society as a whole.
  • Importance: It is related to the disposal of garbage surrounding humans.
  • Characteristic: It is for the garbage and wastes surrounding men.


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What is Hygiene?

What is Hygiene?

The spread of diseases can be controlled if good personal hygiene is maintained. These practices protect the body from the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria.

In women, at the time of menstruation, it is very important to maintain personal hygiene to prevent diseases like cystitis. 

The common ways of achieving personal hygiene are by taking a bath, brushing the teeth, and washing the hands.


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What is Sanitation?

What is Sanitation?

Sanitation, according to WHO, means the safe disposal of human faeces and urine and the adequate provision of facilities and services.

  • Sanitation would be effective if they are started from the household level.
  • Good sanitation is important as it provides a lifetime solution for dangerous contamination and communicable diseases.
  • Areas with high-density people should be handled carefully. Otherwise, the spread of diseases would be dynamic and devastating.


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In today’s world, the majority of people fear diseases than they fear ghosts. 

  • Sanitation in the global context refers to the safe disposal ways of human urine, faeces. 
  • Hygiene focuses on diseases and health.
  • Both sanitation and hygiene try to create a disease-free world, which would be filled with healthy human beings. 
  • To achieve a disease-free world, people need to follow hygiene and sanitation practices as a daily practice. Thus, people won’t be confused between the words like sanitation and hygiene.


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