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If You Want To Master Your Life, Learn To Organize Your Feelings

If You Want To Master Your Life, Learn To Organize Your Feelings


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If You Want To Master Your Life, Learn To Organize Your Feelings

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1. Make a bullet point list of your feelings

If you need to, wake up in the morning and write a list of notes to yourself that describe the various feelings and thoughts that you’re having. It’s okay if some are contradictory.

Your list can look like this: “I feel really exhausted and drained today, and I don’t feel like going to work.” Then: “I feel excited about completing that big project, and for my weekend trip coming up. I want to have my work done before then.”


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2. Structure your day to honor your different needs

Instead of just trying to push through the project, if you know you’re feeling burnt out, maybe commit to working on it for a few hours and then heading out early to take some time for yourself.

People usually live by an unrealistic “all or nothing” mentality. If they feel burnt out, they need a vacation. If they feel inspired, they need to power through the next 12 hours without a break. Neither is a sustainable solution.


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3. Make a “to worry about” list

Jot down anything and everything that comes up in your day that’s bothering you.

When you do, you’ll realize most of it was nonsense. There will be a few points on there that require your attention. Instead of ruminating, make an action plan to address or resolve what’s bothering you.

In the end, you’ll gain confidence both by addressing what’s weighing on you, and realizing how unimportant and irrelevant most of your worries are.


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4. Identifying long-term goals

It is an essential part of organizing your emotions, because without understanding what it is you want in the long-term, you aren’t going to know what’s worth suffering for. If you are acting in accordance with your immediate desires, you will be happy until you realize you’re unfulfilled.

If you are acting in accordance with your long-term goals, you may be less comfortable, but it will be worth it. Life is a game of identifying what is worth suffering for.


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Identify the problems in your life: The first step is to recognize what’s wrong, and what’s bothering you so deeply.
  • Become aware of the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that surround these problems.
  • Identify incorrect thinking: Negative thoughts are very often not reflective of reality.
  • Correct the incorrect thinking patterns: By creating new patterns and lines of thinking, you can change your life by first shifting how you see and interpret it.


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