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How Self-awareness Matters For The Simple Things In Your Life

How Self-awareness Matters For The Simple Things In Your Life


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What We Have To Realized

We all have different kinds of moods that can change at any time. Our moods change over time, we can't feel them anytime. Our tone speaks be increase, make your comrade assumes that you're annoyed.

You decree a wrong big deal when you're in...

Recognize is not always to know what you want, but also to know what happened with you at that moment. When you feel something that has not usually happened to you, you know what's going on with you.

For instance, at noon, you feel like you always wanted to get ang...

Problem Solving

After that, you find some solutions to what you must do when you're in this position again. You'll maybe get some error and error again. That's the process. This is an example of what you get after your hard work!

Next time in the future when you're in this position again — you real...

We Are All Different

We can't know it after we try it. You'll do a bunch of mistakes, and it's okay. You don't know that you need to sleeping enough after you had a big mistake in your presentation because you feel tired. Try it yourself!

Some people can easily get to change their moods, even it is a small thin...

Orlando batista

"An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."

Most of the time, we often blame people when we're in a bad mood. Ask what's going on with me is better than judge people first.

If you know this thing, it's not only useful for you but also to know what happened with people. When you know someone angry without anything happened, you don't ...

Remember, we can't be perfect all the time. We all have time to get wrong sometimes. Likewise, there are many things we can't control. It's great to evaluate yourself, to minimize your fault, and also, to make 'better you'. 

Nevertheless, this context is different when something bad ha...

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