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Conversational search and optimizing for it

Conversational search and optimizing for it


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Conversational search and optimizing for it

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It refers to the use of complete sentences and other natural-sounding phrases and verbal units in search queries and how those queries are interpreted by search engines using artificial intelligence algorithms

Most internet searches were based on keyword phrases, such as “Thai food” or “long-haired dog breeds.”

Conversational searches use grammatical and syntactical patterns that closely resemble the way people talk. The result is a search experience that’s more organic and appealing to the average searcher.


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Prioritize natural language, using the same kind of verbiage when structuring your content that an average person would use.

It’s safe to assume, for example, that more internet users would ask, “How do you fix a broken Wi-Fi connection?” than, “How can I troubleshoot an unresponsive wireless connection?” Your content should use a similar language: “To fix a broken Wi-Fi connection, first run the troubleshooter tool under your network settings to diagnose the cause of the issue.”


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Generalist. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.


Implementing an intent-based strategy for your SEO and content efforts could be the change you need to set your website apart from the competition. To build your strategy around intent, you’ll need to start with keyword research that takes into account the different types of keywords.