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Implementing an intent-based strategy for your SEO and content efforts could be the change you need to set your website apart from the competition. To build your strategy around intent, you’ll need to start with keyword research that takes into account the different types of keywords.


The Four Types of Keywords (and Why They Matter)

The Four Types of Keywords (and Why They Matter)


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The Four Types of Keywords

Most Search Engine Optimisers commonly agree that there are four main types of keywords to classify intent:

  • Informational — searchers looking for an answer to a specific question or general information.
  • Navigational — searchers intending to find a specific site or page.

There are plenty of keywords with significant search volume that don’t bring website conversions because people are simply searching for information. We call these searches informational keywords

You can distinguish this type of keyword by “question words” as they usually...

These keywords carry less intent to take real action compared to transactional or commercial keywords.

However, they can be valuable in building brand awareness by targeting them with informational content and educating your audience.

By targeting these terms, your website could becom...

When someone types in a company or brand name into a search engine, they perform a navigational search.

People behind these searches already know the company or product and want to find the correct website or physical location to get to their products.

Such keywords can be helpful sou...

Commercial keywords reveal a searcher’s interest in specific products/services.

These searches can occur when a person wants to know more about a particular product/service — they may want to support their idea of purchasing, compare the product to similar products or look for free offers/t...

The keywords with the strongest intent to buy or take imminent action are transactional keywords. 

These keywords can be targeted with paid ads and highly optimized purchase pages or pages where users can take immediate action on a site. 

These searches can happen after someone has al...

Transactional keywords can also be referred to as buyer keywords because they are most likely to be used by a person at the bottom of the buying funnel. Therefore, these keywords are highly valuable when making keyword research and planning an SEO or PPC strategy.

As a rule, these keywords...

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