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7 things that will up your PPC game

7 things that will up your PPC game


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7 things that will up your PPC game

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Buyer Personas

  • Who are you creating ads for? — consumer segmentation: think location, demographics, motivations, values 
  • What is their role? — are you selling B2B or B2C, or both? Buying for themselves or for their organization? 
  • What motivates them? — what’s their pain point? What is your product trying to solve? 
  • How does this pain point affect their life now? — your product is built to solve that. 
  • You have to make the decision on the pricing before you start to think about marketing.


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  • Do your research on your own users and your competition
  • Do your research on the gaps in products and services that your competition is leaving open. 
  • Use moz.com or semrush.com to find your Keywords and the Keywords of your competitors.


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You get users with different intentions, from different traffic sources. 

  • Display: These users might research a product to get a general idea. 
  • Users are actively looking at purchasing this specific product. It’s up to you to offer them the solution in the form of your Product/Service.
  • Socially conscious traffic is all about people showing their support for your service or products.


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As you’re paying for every click it is important that every user that you engage with is actually someone that you can convert into a buyer. So, qualify your leads! 


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Some marketers think that if you reduce your audience, your ad does not get enough exposure. 

You want your ad going to the users that can actually benefit from your product, not to someone that has no interest in ever purchasing your Life-Changing offering.


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PPC optimization, leading to conversion is only half the battle.

Delivering on the promise of the ad once the user reaches your landing page is the other half.

Make your landing pages SIMPLE, and CLEAR.


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Remarking is the best (and cheapest) way to remind interested and qualified users that have already visited your website about your solution/product after they have left your site.


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