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Branded Content: The What, Why, When, and How

Branded Content: The What, Why, When, and How


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What exactly is branded content?

  • Branded content is content that does not involve traditional advertising. It can include articles, videos, podcasts, and even live elements that bring relevant value to the consumer.
  • It is not advertising in the way most people think of adve...

Branded content is not exactly a new trend. It is actually based on an old business model in the advertising and marketing industry. 

  • Branded content is like some of the content created in the 1940s or earlier. In the 40s, it was common for shows to have a specific spo...

When a consumer watches branded content, their brand recall is up to 59% higher than it is with display ads. Viewers are also 14% more likely to seek out extra content from the same brand. As far as ROI goes, these are strong numbers.

Branded content gets more attention and...

Brand recall was 86% for branded content, and only 65% for regular ads.

There are certain qualities in all good branded content. These are: a central personality, a unique concept, and connection with the audience. It is also important for the style of con...

William Gibson

“The future is already here, it’s just not widely distributed.”

  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a branded web series created by Acura and Seinfeld. In each episode a different comedian gets in a vintage car with Jerry, has a conversation, and gets coffee. 
  • Each episode is about 10–15 minutes in length. It was a simple idea, and Seinf...

Marvel’s Runaways with Lyft and the City of Los Angeles

The popular Marvel series — Runaways, is created by Hulu, the city of Los Angeles, and Lyft. The story follows 6 teenagers who find out their parents are actually ...




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