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Should you work for free?

Should you work for free?


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Should you work for free?

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When "free work" makes sense

Work is showing up at the appointed time, whether or not you feel like it. Work is creating value on demand, and work (for the artist) means putting all of it (or most of it) on the line. And free?

It makes sense to work for free when you think you’ll be able to turn that platform/situation into positive change, into increased trust, into something that moves you forward. The more generous you are with your ideas, and the more they spread, the more likely it is your perceived value goes up.


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Factors to consider when deciding whether to do "free work"

  • Do they pay other people that do the same type of work you do? What about their competitors?
  • Will I learn "enough" from this interaction that I can just call this a part of my education?
  • Is it public work with my name on it or am I just saving them cash to do something that should be paid for?
  • Will the company pay closer attention and treat my work seriously if I get paid?
  • Who are the people that can possibly notice me through this work? What are the chances that they will get to hire me professionally?
  • What is the risk if I do this work for free? If not?


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