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Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale

by Reid Hoffman, June Cohen, Deron Triff


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How do you get the idea for a business and then lead it to success?

The best business ideas initially seem the least plausible, that doing things that don’t scale can be a good starting point, and that what customers actually want can be different from what they tel...

  • Sometimes when an investor tells a startup founder “no,” it’s a positive sign for the business. When an idea is truly big and transformative, it can draw a polarized reaction or a “squirmy no.”
  • The best businesses can emerge from moments of desperation.

Rapid decision-making is essential. When you’re moving fast, you may make mistakes. But the biggest mistake is not making decisions fast enough, because the only thing that matters is time.

You can never raise enough money. Things are always more expensive and take longer than you ...

  • The best leaders develop talent from within rather than just hiring expensive stars. If you hire people at senior positions, you are a failure as a leader.
  • If you’re a good entrepreneur you can assume that your instincts are right 95% of the time and your ideas might...

  • Kathryn Minshew, the founder of The Muse job site, says investors told her ‘no’ 148 times before the first one agreed to invest.
  • Huffington’s wellness startup Thrive has a rule that nobody should interview a job candidate while they’re tired!
  • Chinese parents’ dissatisfaction ...

“Whether your staff is 70,000 or only seven, a leader needs two things to create a strong unified team: an elevated mission and everyday human contact.”

“If you’re not embarrassed by your first product release, you’ve released too late.”

“I learned really early that you are best when ...

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