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Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

There are more effective ways to reach the right decision makers than growing LinkedIn followers and social media posts.

Influencer marketing continues to thrive. Most people think of social media influencers as teenagers on TikTok or beauty experts on Instagram. However, a growing segment focuses on C-suit leadership providing B2B initiatives through their social media outlets.


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Benefits of B2B influencer marketing

Consumers increasingly rely on ratings and personal reviews. As a result, a negative review on Google or Yelp can pose severe consequences for a B2C business.

This is true for a B2B too. People are often influenced by their peers' opinions and less by elaborate marketing campaigns. Reaching out to senior leaders can help authenticate you as a major voice in your industry.


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How B2B influencer marketing works

In B2B influencer marketing from the senior leadership level, interesting information on social media platforms can provide a unique experience.

Your viewpoint can be promoted on topics you have expertise in and help you reach a targeted and engaged audience.


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Building your industry leadership position

Up to now, you may have focused on blogs on LinkedIn or Medium or use a monthly newsletter. But a successful B2B influencer needs more thought and an organised plan.

How to design and implement a comprehensive social media campaign:

  • Define your goals. If you are a great writer, then use it to plan your thought leadership activities.
  • Meet your audience. Find which social media platforms draw your potential customers.
  • Share your thoughts and expertise. Focus on sharing valuable, actionable insights.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Keep an eye on the metrics, then tailor your future content.


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