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Zero to One Summary

About Zero to One Book


The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them. It’s easier to copy a model than to make something new: doing what we already know how to do takes the world from 1 to n, adding more of something familiar. Every new creation goes from 0 to 1. This book is about how to get there.

‘Peter Thiel has built multiple breakthrough companies, and Zero to One shows how.’
ELON MUSK, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla

‘This book delivers completely new and refreshing ideas on how to create value in the world.’

‘When a risk taker writes a book, read it. In the case of Peter Thiel, read it twice. Or, to be safe, three times. This is a classic.’
NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB, author of The Black Swan

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Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
Zero to One is about how to build companies that create new things

Zero to One is about how to build companies that create new things

The book draws on Thiel's experience as a co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, investor in hundreds of startups, including Facebook and SpaceX. Thiel cautions the book offers no formula for success. Such a formula cannot exist as every innovation is new and unique. 

The most powerful pattern he has noticed is that successful people find value in unexpected places, and they do this by thinking about business from first principles instead of formulas.


Zero to One explained

Zero to One explained

Progress can take one of two forms:

  • Going from 1 to n: horizontal or extensive progress means copying things that work -. Horizontal progress is easy to imagine because we already know what it looks like. 
  • Going from 0 to 1: Vertical or intensive progress means doing new things. Vertical progress is harder to imagine because it requires doing something nobody else has ever done

Example: If you take one typewriter and build 100, you have made horizontal progress. If you have a typewriter and build a word processor, you have made vertical progress.. 


Peter thiel

Positively defined, a startup is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a different future.



"One to n" Vs "Zero to one"

Going from one to n is just a start of another new business which is already existing in the market. You are building something which is not unique, which is not something people can say 'okay this is something new in the market'.Its just another service from another brand.

Going from zero to one is a process where you have unique idea which was never build, never used. You make something new that gives value to people.You start something which can overcome some large and real world problems.


Some perfect examples of Zero to one.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a search engine And turn every information just some clicks away.

Mark Zuckerberg started facebook and connect everyone to form a social network.

Elon Musk started PayPal and made payments cashless.

Similarly, there are hundreds of thousands of examples which gone from zero to one and not just 1 to n.


1. Invest Early

1. Invest Early

Maximizing retirement savings should be a key interest to any successful entrepreneur.

It will lead to greater dividends as you age and will generate wealth much more quickly than you might think.


2. Be an Optimist

2. Be an Optimist

While the path to success will undoubtedly be littered with failure and setbacks, you must always keep an optimistic mindset and focus on the future.


3. Automation is Not the Solution

3. Automation is Not the Solution

You should focus on building a business or product that leans on the complementary abilities of both humans and computers and

Focus on things that can leverage the power of man and machine.


It's important to read books it helps to increase our knowledge of outsourcing.

Lesson From Zero To One Book.

Lesson From Zero To One Book.

1. Each moment happens once.

2. There is no formula.

3. Last can be first.

4. Progress comes from monopoly, not competition.

5. cash is not king.

6. Disturbance is an essential part of the distribution.


Valuable Bussiness :

Valuable Bussiness :

1. The most valuable business of the coming decades will be built by Entrepreneur who seek to empower people rather than try to make them 'Obsolete'.✊✊✊

आने वाले दशकों का सबसे मूल्यवान व्यवसाय उद्यमी द्वारा बनाया जाएगा जो लोगों को 'अप्रचलित' बनाने की कोशिश करने के बजाय उन्हें सशक्त बनाना चाहते हैं।✊✊✊


Successful Bussiness :

Successful Bussiness :

2.'Monopoly' is the condition of every successful business.

एकाधिकार हर सफल व्यवसाय की शर्त है।



A Definite Optimist

A person who thinks, plans and works it out to make a better future than the present is a Defnite Optimist.

The plan should be definite and bold at the same time. It should disseminate the quality of the vision by the profounders.


Being indefinite optemistic

If you want to create something than 1s you have to be optemistic because scientist doctors, entrepreneur and engineer of us all are optimistic in nature and have change the world in many ways.


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