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Those with a guardian working style like stability, order, and rigor.

They’re pragmatic, detail-oriented, and risk-averse.



Drivers are goal-oriented.

Those identifying with this working style thrive on challenge, results, and winning. They tackle problems head-on with logic.



Those with a pioneer working style are big-picture thinkers who want to take advantage of opportunities or create new ones.

They tend to not be detail-minded, and they make quick, spontaneous decisions.

Using different styles of work

Using different styles of work

Once you identify your style and the styles of your coworkers, you can use them to improve collaboration as well as recognize your tendencies and biases.

Combining different working styles often creates better output. Alone, you might miss some key aspects, context, or risk beyond your own view.



Integrators can understand the context of moving pieces.

Those having this working style represent the glue that holds the pieces together.

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