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You must be aware of your emotion. Being aware of your emotion helps better understand your emotion and it's working. And that, leads to better managing your emotion.

Having no emotional feeling within us is also a problem, as because you'll lose interest in many things, especially angry, love, sadness and so on.

The main thing is to keep it in balance. So, that our life can run smoothly.

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Managing Emotion

When you take action based on emotion, you're doomed to suffer in life. Realizing that emotion has no rational way of thinking. Helps us overcome many years of suffering in life.

We, human need emotion( to stay connected with fellow being) But, that don't mean that we will let it decide or rewrite our future. You see when we take action based on emotion, every things run in a reverse direction. Can you drive a car in reverse direction absolutely no because you have not trained your mind to drive a car that way.

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Struggling To Build Healthy Habits
  • We tend to bite off more than we can chew, go too fast too soon, and then get overwhelmed too quickly.
  • We’re conditioned these days to expect and receive instant gratification.
  • We expect to get in shape very quickly, not remembering that it took us decades of unhealthy living to get where we are.
  • We miss a workout because life gets busy.
Decisions Using Our Instinct

Business leaders often make important decisions that defy any logical analysis. This process may be termed as a gut instinct, a hunch, or an inner voice.

Our emotions and feelings may be an essential component of a good decision, which is often neglected in the calculative methods usually deployed to solve complex problems.

Benefits of naming emotions exactly
  • Fewer medical intervention needs.
  • Better relationships with family & friends.
  • Better able to choose correct actions in social situations.
  • Less likely to stress drink.
  • Less likely to relataliate aggressively.
  • More flexible regulating emotions