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How the Pygmalion Effect works?

How the Pygmalion Effect works?

  • The initial belief and expectations of others are verified.
  • People’s beliefs and expectations effect their actions towards others.
  • Those actions impact on the beliefs and expectations that other people hold true about themselves.
  • Those beliefs then impact on the performance of others.

Pygmalion Effect

Pygmalion Effect

The Pygmalion effect is where an individual’s performance is influenced by others’ expectations.

In other words, higher expectations lead to higher performance.

However, the Pygmalion effect specifically refers to how our expectations of others affect our behavior towards them.

In turn, this can contribute to higher performance.

How to use the Pygmalion Effect?

How to use the Pygmalion Effect?

  1. Be aware of expectations.
  2. Identify Positive Traits.
  3. Create Challenges.
  4. Positive Language.
  5. Provide Feedback.

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