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Having a job that fulfills you is ideal.

A job that doesn't make you miserable is a must.


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I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives. I'm a lifestyle coach & burnout coach.

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Work and leisure

Work and leisure

Work is fun, and a life without meaningful labor can make one miserable. 

However, work should not be the only enjoyable activity in life. Working hard is only a part of the good life. Financial rewards that come from hard labor should be put to use for the sake of leisure.

Approaching Burnout At Work

Approaching Burnout At Work

Feeling and identifying the signs of job burnout is a powerful way to arm yourself with the strategies and resources needed to prevent it from bringing you down. So if it’s time to sit down with your manager or HR team, set up that meeting.

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If it doesn't excite you, don't do it. There's almost nothing that you must do. Whatever you hate doing, someone out there loves doing it. So if it's necessary, find them and let them do it. Work toward this ideal and soon you'll be doing only what excites you the most.

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