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In essence, Marcus Aurelius is guiding us to approach life with courage, responsibility, and an open heart. These principles encourage us to tackle challenges head-on, embrace our humanity, and cultivate inner strength by trusting in the unfolding of our life's story.

These concepts offer valuable insights into developing emotional maturity and improving interpersonal relationships.

We should always be watchful of formind good habits and eliminating bad ones!!馃槑

Discipline is not a fixed trait and no one is naturally born with this. This is initially guided by parents and teachers, but by learning the psychology behind this one can also develop and strengthen the skill of discipline easily.

To us humans, the sex lives of animals seem weird. But it's our own sex lives that are truly bizarre. Stranger yet, we have sex at any time, even during periods of infertility, such as pregnancy or post-menopause. Why does the human female, virtually alone among mammals, go through menopause? Why does the human male stand out as one of the few mammals to stay with the female he impregnates, to help raise the children that he sired? Why is the human penis so unnecessarily large?

We are all self perfectionists. Take it easy!

I didn鈥檛 always have a great relationship with my father. But in the past few years, he taught me how to become the man I want to be. Here are 7 lessons I could never forget.

A brainstorming session after watching a few documentaries, podcasts, movies & reading self help books led to these ideas

Why you should be careful in giving rewards.

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