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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

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Invest in your human support team

Being able to leverage both automated and human support has led to some incredible advancements, allowing companies to scale their support and deliver personalized experiences more efficiently than ever before.

As a result, human support is more critical than ever. And with a greater impact on your customer satisfaction – and ultimately your company’s bottom line – it’s increasingly important to invest in your human support team as a real strategic lever in your business.


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The business benefits of human support

The business benefits of human support

The three layers of the Conversational Support Funnel consists of three layers:

  • Proactive support enables you to get ahead of known problems before customers even reach out for help.
  • Self-serve support allows users to resolve simple queries on their own, ensuring fast, efficient answers while minimizing the number of repetitive questions hitting your team inbox.
  • Finally, there’s human support, which is crucial for those tricky issues that can only be solved by a real-life person. These are the technical or sensitive queries that need a specialized, empathetic response.


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Engage and retain your customers

Human support is crucial for those tricky or sensitive issues that just can’t be solved with automation or bots, such as payment problems, difficult technical issues, or complex queries that need deeper context. Being able to route these problems to a real person is essential for maintaining customer happiness.

What’s more, these are also great opportunities to enhance loyalty and advocacy by building real long-term customer relationships through personalized, tailored problem-solving and genuine human connection at key moments of your customer’s journey.


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3 human strategies to support your support team

  • Map out career paths. Having clearly defined career paths gives people something to work towards. 
  • Rethink your metrics to properly reflect the work. While it’s great that support reps can really get their teeth into complex problems and pull apart issues, it also means that the problems they’re working on can take longer and be more difficult to solve. 
  • Treat humans like humans. This means that if things feel overwhelming, your support reps have time to step away from the inbox and go for a walk, and they’re not constantly in thrall to their numbers. As a manager, you also need to be deliberate about making your team’s escalation paths clear. It’s important for them to know that they don’t have to sit there and deal with something that’s not going anywhere.


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