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How to Build a Thriving Support Team and Department - Help Scout

How to Build a Thriving Support Team and Department - Help Scout


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Defining Great Customer Service

Almost every single company claim to provide great customer service, however, we still hear complaints from customers so we will presume that there is an opportunity for improvement.

In order to have a thriving customer support team you must define what "great service" is for your company. ...

Choosing which channels to support

It's tempting to say that your company will be available on every channel for your customers however, this isn't applicable for small teams without having to spread your team too thin and deliver inconsistent customer support quality.

In order to figure out which channels to support you nee...

Hiring the right people

So that you may be able to provide high quality, reliable customer support, you must have a great customer support team, but how do you filter out the ones that you need? Here are some questions that can help you better choose candidates:

  • What is the ideal support personality y...

Measure the right data

Customer service softwares produce detailed results for us, but it doesn't tell you which metrics matter to your team and what you need to do about them. In order to choose which metrics matter here are three big questions that will help you decide:

  • Why are you reporting?

Picking your tools

  • Selecting customer service software: You need to know the difference between "nice to have" features versus necessary features along with the apps that you need to integrate. Having slow or unhelpful tools will waste your support's time.
  • Internal Systems: Customer s...

Creating a knowledge base

The only downside to having a knowledge base is that it's time consuming to develop, but here are the benefits of having it:

  • It will lessen the strain on your support team
  • Allow for faster onboarding 
  • Greater consistency of supp...

Integrating support into your product and company

It's highly recommended to have a customer-focused company, but what should the goal be? The goal is to build in systems across teams that support great service.

Support managers are encourages to:

  1. Push decision-making to the front line
  2. Automate customer-friendly processe...

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