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Want To Stop Procrastinating? Start Temptation Bundling

Want To Stop Procrastinating? Start Temptation Bundling


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Want To Stop Procrastinating? Start Temptation Bundling

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When It's Hard to Start

Even though you know the benefits of exercising, you know you should move your body regularly, increase your heart rate, and make your muscles stronger, but when it comes time to jump, run, or stretch your muscles you get discouraged. You just see the pain and hardship of doing exercises and think that it is impossible to overcome your brain and body resistance.

Hopefully there is a way to overcome this kind of resistance: 'temptation bundling'.


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Temptation bundling is pretty straight forward: you “bundle” something you enjoy with something you dread.

You want to do some exercise but you also like to watch your favorite show on TV? Run on treadmill while watching your favorite TV show.


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More Examples of Temptation Bundling

  • Listen to your favorite playlist just while you are cleaning the home;
  • Check and answer your emails while drinking your latte.


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Our research indicates that temptation bundling devices have potential for solving two problems at once. Increasing engagement in desirable behaviors for which people often lack willpower while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy pleasurable activities guilt free.


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  • When you’re struggling to find enough internal motivation to tackle something you hatean, extrinsic reward can be the push you need to stop avoiding that task.
  • When your brain anticipates a reward dopamine spikes, and your motivation follows suit. That means that when you match up a dopamine-producing activity with something that makes you groan, you find that dreaded task less painful.
  • Bundling two task guarantees an immediate reward. That’s important, especially for tasks and behaviors that would typically require a long time to produce any sort of direct payoff.


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  1. Find The Right Activities. For starters the “want” behavior you choose needs to be motivating, meaning it needs to be something that you feel driven to actively pursue.
  2. Stick with it. Another challenge with temptation bundling is that you need to be committed enough to follow your own rules. In order for it to be effective, you really can’t allow yourself to indulge in that reward unless you’re doing the prescribed “should” behavior.


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