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Twitter Spaces for Business: How to Start and Manage Your Space

Twitter Spaces for Business: How to Start and Manage Your Space

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#1: Choose a Topic for Your Twitter Space

#1: Choose a Topic for Your Twitter Space

When using a Twitter Space to market your business, the space must have an engaging host and have interesting topics for your listeners. In order to choose a topic, here are seven ideas you can use:

  1. Offer Expert advice via a Weekly Series
  2. Lead an Open Mic Conversation
  3. Host a Podcast-Style Interview
  4. Seek Feedback on New Offerings
  5. Host a Q&A Session to Address FAQs
  6. Hold Weekly Virtual Networking Events
  7. Conduct Live Audits for Personalized Feedback


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#2: Start or Schedule a Twitter Space

#2: Start or Schedule a Twitter Space

  • Open the Twitter mobile app and look for the purple Spaces logo
  • Consider the topic you'll be talking about in your space and name your space accordingly
  • Choose three relevant topics that are related to your space in order to boost discoverability
  • Tap Start Your Space -- making your space visible to your followers and give them the opportunity to join and listen to you speak
  • With Scheduling a Space -- It helps to promote ahead of time to gain and attract more listeners


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#3: Manage Your Twitter Space

#3: Manage Your Twitter Space

Listed down below are the few things you should know on how to efficiently manage your twitter space:

  • If you're serious about using Twitter Spaces for marketing, assign a co-host that can help manage speakers and approving requests.
  • Have a pinned tweet in your space. This can be used to highlight a tweet as a talking point for conversation.
  • Turn on Captions in order to make audio content accessible to those who are hearing-impaired
  • To monetize your Twitter presence, you can charge access to the spaces you host. 


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