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The Language of Gender Bias in Performance Reviews

The Language of Gender Bias in Performance Reviews


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The Study of Gender Biased Performance Reviews

Alison Wynn, JoAnne Wehner, and Katherine Weisshaar worked on a study to show that there are bigger biases in the evaluations of people's personalities, future potential, and mentions of exceptionalism. 

Their study used a code that allows them to identify the employee behaviors that manage...

Ill-defined protocols perpetuate bias

A poorly defined evaluation process opens the door for gender biases to shape performance evaluations. It could have managers use a criteria with no clarity on how to measure them so they then draw from cultural ideas about the different kinds of people. 

Although superviso...

Gender biases hurt men too

There are plenty of areas where women have an advantage over men and the workplace is one part of that.

Other studies show that managers view men who have only part-time work experience as less hirable than women with the same experience due to gender expectations. 


Fixing gender biases in performance evaluations

Although gender biases continue to persist in the workplace, it would be helpful in reducing gender biases if:

  • we tie evaluations to performance
  • the evaluationprocess if transparent
  • hold managers accountable for reviews that apply gender biases in reviews
  • manage...

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