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5 Tips for Building an International Sales Team

5 Tips for Building an International Sales Team


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5 Tips for Building an International Sales Team

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Benefits of an international sales team

  • Entry into new markets: Local people can sell better by understanding the culture and speaking the native language.
  • Competitive advantage over competitors who are only operating in a local market.
  • Greater access to talent: You could expand your talent pool.
  • Ability to help more people: Expanding your market allows you to provide your solution to more people.


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You may learn about a country from online research but firsthand experience gives you a feel for what the local culture and marketplace are like. 

Most work can be done remotely, but it is also good to plan for the complexities of travel.


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  • Hire locals in the country as they know the language and understand the culture. They also understand the target customer. Drawback: they don't know your company and products well, and you may have to invest in added training.
  • Hire expatriates within the company. It can help you penetrate a market with people already familiar with your company and products.


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Good training is done during the onboarding process and thereafter at regular intervals. 

Locals need more training on product knowledge, while ex-pats will need training around the local market and culture.


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When creating an international team, be aware of the necessity of cultivating an internal team culture.

The different languages, cultures, and experiences can increase the strength of your team.


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Implement a plan and track the results, then study the results. Keep the principles and processes that work and discard the rest.


There will always be limitations and room for growth, and by setting high standards, you could set yourself up for success.


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