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How to get rid of  addiction?

How to get rid of addiction?

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<p>What is an addiction? The a...

What is an addiction? The addiction is something that you have no longer control over it. That means you are being controlled by it.

Now, before I begin I want you to know one thing that I’m not an expert on this field. I’m sharing this knowledge through my experiences only. And how I win over my bad habits.


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So, the addiction goes through three stages that are: - 

Number 1 (Trigger) It is when the habit comes to your mind as a picture or through seeing an object.

Number 2 (Process) the habit begin to take the shape.

Number 3 (Conclusion) this is where your dopamine (a chemical substance is released in your brain and you feel good) after doing the habits.


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Let’s take the example of tea. Let’s say you take tea four to six cups of tea in a day. And the doctor has warned you not to take too much tea anymore. Your sugar level has increased. But, still, you could not able to stop it.


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The first thing you have to do is – try to understand or know the origin of the habit. Like when do you feel like taking a cup of tea? Maybe it could be when you are alone, when you get angry, depressed or when you go to the kitchen or it could when you hang out with your friends.


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Second step: Try to divert the thoughts (Here what I mean by that – Let’s say you're suddenly feeling like you’ve to take tea but you don’t want to take because it is harming your health. During this time, try to divert the mind towards game/ crosswords/ Music during this period.


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Third Step: As you overcome it, give yourself a reward. Eat the food that you love. Celebrate it, like you celebrate when you passed an exam with flying colors.


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Fourth Step: (Affirmation)

Say to yourself –‘Yes, I can get rid of any bad habit’ –Yes –I can overcome it. Do it four to five times or more before you wake up from the bed and before you go to bed.


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In this article , I talked about on how to get rid of old habits and replace it with the new one.

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