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How good is your do-to-say ratio?

How good is your do-to-say ratio?

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The do-to say ratio

The do-to say ratio

When you think about our colleagues, whether they are peers or people you manage, how many of them can be trusted to follow through when they say they will do something?

Reliability is important in any organisation, especially in a startup. You need people who you can count on and who will follow through. You want a one-to-one ratio between say and do. But when people have a lopsided do-to-say ratio, the slow responses and the need for follow-ups can make business slower than it needs to be.


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Reliable people are worth gold

Reliability is the centre of what it means to be a team player. It acknowledges that everyone relies on one another to achieve a goal.

The employees who say, "I'm on it", and mean it, are worth gold if you can get them on your team. They are willing to own the responsibility for following through.


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How to improve your do-to-say ratio

Improving your do-to-say ratio helps to build a reputation that will lead to more promotions.

It requires you to be diligent about your to-do list. Make a note to yourself on what you have to deliver, and when it has to be done.


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