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Moving from self-criticism to self-compassion

Banish Your Inner Critic

Banish Your Inner Critic

by Denise Jacobs


Imposter Syndrome And Creative People

Imposter Syndrome is that inner voice telling you that your work is not good enough or, even worse, that you’re useless as a person.

  • Self-criticism can really put (and...

Instead of applying self-criticism, we need to actively practice the opposite: self-compassion. 

Self-compassion is realising that self-criticism is the enemy and then acting...

Awareness of your inner critical voice is crucial. This then enables you to see your critical thoughts for what they are: thoughts. 

Being more aware of what your brain and mind do when sensi...

There are a number of so-called cognitive distortions that are relevant to the Inner Critic:

  • Mental filters, or selective abstraction.
  • Tunnel vision.
  • Magnification and Mi...

The good thing about negative confirmation bias is that it can be flipped to create a positive full-filling prophecy too. Rather than walking around in a perpetual state of feeling that no one beli...

Something happens and we imagine the absolute worst. Our mind plays tricks and we start ‘awfulizing’.

To stop this:

First, on a piece of paper or in a journal, write down and answer the...

There are a number of valuable tips to help you learn to take criticism well and use it to get better at whatever you are doing:

  • Breathe.
  • Detach from the situation or event menta...

Letting go of our preoccupation with the trajectory of other people’s lives, we can transform our envy from a stagnant, blocking force into a powerful motivator for growth.

The tools and idea...


Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticise others.

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