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People Still Prefer People. Feelings Cannot Be Automated in Recruiting.


Feelings Cannot Be Automated in Recruiting - ERE

Feelings Cannot Be Automated in Recruiting - ERE



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Hiring Is An Emotional Process

The one thing that has always made humans stand out from the rest is our ability to feel. In a world where someone’s career impacts their day-to-day life on such a large scale, the hiring process can be an emotional one.

That’s why removing feelings from the process just isn’t an...

Machines are uniform, consistent and prefer one single outcome.

Automation can only create one baseline. And the reality? There are so many more types of people in the world. Different kinds of people are applying for different kinds of jobs. Robots can’t adapt to real people with real want...

The hiring process is long, exhausting, and intimidating for both employers and candidates alike. And sometimes things don’t even work out after all of the effort to fill a position. If recruiters know how to communicate, positions will be filled quicker, and better candidates will be placed.

When the wrong candidate is brought in, it can set both a company and candidate’s life back by months as they scramble to reconfigure. But when a recruiter knows how to discuss a role effectively and communicate with a candidate, they can assess just who they’re hiring ahead of time — and if it’s...

Have you ever tried to maintain a conversation with someone who struggles to communicate? Imagine how that feels for a candidate who just wants to land the right position. When your recruiters are able to describe a role in a better job posting that sells, candidates will apply.

Recruiters ...

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