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Here are top SaaS onboarding stats you should look out to keep a check on a smoother user onboarding process.


Top 5 onboarding metrics to track customer onboarding

Top 5 onboarding metrics to track customer onboarding


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Onboarding Metrics

When new customers begin using your product, they are not completely convinced until they start realising the value from it. Onboarding is not just about getting your customer familiar with the product.

It is also about hand-holding the customer in the initial usage which fits right in the...

Using the customer onboarding metrics is crucial because only through this you can measure the efficiency of your onboarding process and identify the areas that need improvements. Onboarding is the most usage-sensitive time for your customer because only during this phase, most of the customers d...

First time value is the point during the onboarding phase when the customer realises the value of your product in their business context. And Time to first time value is the time taken for them to reach that result. 

Now, when you are setting up your product in their technical environment y...

According to an industry-wide standard, a free trial to paid conversion rate of anything less than 25% is considered to be poor for this marketing strategy. It means, for example, out of 100 free trial users, if the number of customers who are deciding to purchase your product after their trial p...

When you are providing the training to the customer, you need to divide the whole training package into different modules. Then for each of these training modules, you must measure the time a customer takes to complete them. 

You can either follow the tech-touch engagement with them where y...

When customers start using the product, there are various points when they need your technical support to resolve their issues. Take regular surveys and feedback from the customers and log all the commonly raised queries in your customer success platform. Then measure the time you have taken to r...

Defining customer personas makes it useful for you to work with customers from different backgrounds. Your customers might be having a totally different mindset from the team that has built your product. They might start with using different features than what you expect. 

By creating their...

There are many metrics to calculate the product adoption rate. Metrics like the Daily active users (DAU) calculate how many users are active on your platform on a daily basis. Likewise, MAU calculates the same on a monthly basis. The more engaged they are with your product the higher the adoption...

Best Practises For Customer Onboarding: Standardise Your Process

Follow the same standards for all your new customers’ onboarding. This would make it easy for you to track the right metrics and introduce steps to optimise the process. If your efforts are inconsistent, then it will be difficult to know the areas of improvement.

Onboarding is not just about all the technical setup and getting your customer started on your product. It is also a phase when new relationships are built, sometimes even for a lifetime. Hence, keep your introductions with new team members remarkable and think of it as a start of a new relations...

You might be following the high-touch or tech-touch engagement model for your new customers. No matter which model you choose, know that a new customer demands more of your attention in the initial times. You have to allocate more time than usual during the initial days. And as they grow old, you...

The more accurately you can measure all the onboarding metrics, the better chances you have to improve the different areas. It is important to keep a granular view of your onboarding. Through that, you can fine-tune every aspect of it by measuring them individually.

Once you have executed ...

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We go over the top challenges in SaaS customer onboarding so that you can increase your SaaS customer retention levels.



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Effective customer onboarding is vital in a SaaS business as it helps to educate customers on using the product and help them see the value. An onboarding checklist can help to set customers up for success.



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