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We go over the top challenges in SaaS customer onboarding so that you can increase your SaaS customer retention levels.


Top Challenges in SaaS Customer Onboarding

Top Challenges in SaaS Customer Onboarding


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People these days demand simple products for solving complex problems. To stay competitive, you need to cater to those demands. Not all companies get this, which can put you ahead of a sizable number of SaaS businesses. 

Did you know that between 40% and 60% of everyone that signs u...

No matter who you are, your product’s onboarding process will likely have issues. Regardless of how great your product is and how well it’s positioned to become the killer of a more popular one on the market, if the onboarding process is complicated, it won’t matter. 

We are going to go ove...

A Cluttered Interface

While choice is nice to have, when there are too many, people get overwhelmed. Interfaces that are too cluttered will cause a headache more than anything. Showing tons of options to a user before they have gotten familiar with a product will potentially turn them off from delving into it any furt...

Any service entity should always collect user feedback. Forget waiting for users to come to you. Ask them about what they thought of the onboarding process. You can do something as simple as requesting they tell you how helpful it was, on a scale of 1 to 10.

You could also ask them if the o...

Different users have different skill levels and different needs. This means the onboarding process should not take a one-size-fits-all approach. There will be different needs, skills, and capacities among users. When you take the lazy approach, it can slow down the momentum that users have initia...

A study has found that the shorter the time is from a customer getting onboard to them achieving their first success, the higher the likelihood of them continuing to use the product for the long-term. You can improve the time between onboarding and first success by ensuring each step during onboa...

You need to always remember that your customers are human beings who have real problems they are looking to solve. This means they are not going to have the time to go through a complicated SaaS customer onboarding process. They simply want to start using the product successfully as soon as they ...




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Effective customer onboarding is vital in a SaaS business as it helps to educate customers on using the product and help them see the value. An onboarding checklist can help to set customers up for success.



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