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2022 is the time to put fresh eyes on your #content types if you want to keep or attract an audience.


8 Fresh Content Types Every Marketer Should Consider in 2022 - Content Marketing Institute

8 Fresh Content Types Every Marketer Should Consider in 2022 - Content Marketing Institute



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Given the crowded content marketplace, it makes sense to refresh your perspective and consider new content types. You can more closely match what content formats your audience prefers to consume today or what content types will surprise and delight them. But to make successful choices, you must g...


A guestographic is a guest infographic. It features both images and text and is published on or linked to from different websites. Guestographics are often created in collaboration with other brands for a specific purpose.

It can be their content and your design or your content and their de...


You may have guessed from the name that instructographics is a long-forgotten child of infographics. They are becoming a popular way to explain complex data in an easy-to-digest format.

Instructographics tell people how to do something, and work well for step-by-step instructions or other h...


Storyboards are a visual sequence of useful information such as text, images, design, and illustrations. It allows the viewer to visualise the whole story frame by frame.

Creating a storyboard is a good way to organise any type of information that needs a systematic approach.

Carousel posts

Carousel posts on social media are becoming a more attractive content type for marketers. On Instagram, they earn higher average engagement rates (1.92%) than single photos (1.74%) and videos (1.45%). Creators who used all 10 carousel slides available experienced average engagement rates as high ...

Whiteboard Videos

Artists, graphic designers, or people good with a marker draw on a whiteboard to successfully explain a point, process, or product in a visually attractive way. As they create, the video camera is tracking their every move.

Some companies use this type of content for corporate video trainin...

Using your computer screen and microphone, you can show and narrate the content. Screencasts work well to show how to do something or solve a problem step by step. Screencasts also can save time by answering the most important questions asked over and over.

To avoid boring your audience, you need to give them a reason to yearn for or engage with your content. Augmented-reality experiences can immerse them into the story, offer gameplay, or provide an additional narrative.

 Social media networks are good resources to access this AR technology.

Ephemeral posts

Ephemeral content, also known as time-restricted content, is a great way to help your brand stay fresh for your target audience. The visual content’s short life span (up to 24 hours) taps into your followers’ FOMO (fear of missing out) on something interesting.

Instagram and Facebook Storie...

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