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Look This Way: 9 Visual Content Options to Consider

Look This Way: 9 Visual Content Options to Consider


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Look This Way: 9 Visual Content Options to Consider

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1. Infographics

Audiences are overloaded with information. Bite-sized pieces of it in an image with brief text like cards or infographics will draw their attention. In this example , Socialinsider partnered with Bannersnack to illustrate its finding on Instagram carousel posts and they presented the results in their own carousel.


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2. Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is an interactive way to tell a story using the scroll feature to hold the reader’s attention. Visuals change as the user scrolls, adding a deeper layer of meaning. It’s also helpful to facilitate understanding for difficult topics like machine learning, as illustrated in this scrolling piece . (Since we can’t recreate the scrolling effect, these two images reflect two subsequent screens in the scrollytelling.)


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3. Explainer videos

Short videos are popular and useful in explaining a singular topic or concept. In its Netflix show, Explained, Vox uses lots of animation and infographics and mixes visuals from different sources. They enable more information to be received in less time than an all-text explanation.


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4. Authentic photos

Too polished, plastic visuals dominate some social feeds. Stand out with visuals showing authentic situations and emotions. Your audience will be better able to associate themselves with your brand.


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5. Retelling stories through a new format

The New York Public Library created Insta Novels – visualizing five iconic novels for Instagram Stories :

  • Each edition included the full text along with illustrations and animated text.
  • It even included a place to pause on every page for readers who didn’t finish the text in the 15-second view time before Instagram moves to the next one.
  • These visualized novels gained more than 300,000 views and added more than 140,000 followers to the library’s Instagram account.


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6. Behind the scenes

In their videos, Dior reveals how their clothes are made. These stories highlight the uniqueness of a luxury brand while reaching a wider audience.


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7. Photo and video collages

Easy to create and catch attention with small details, collages are effective. They also can be a way to create a new visual by using images or videos you already have (or have access to.)

Take a look at how clothing brand Balenciaga used a collage concept to create this TikTok video. The illusion merges real and virtual worlds. It is hard to look away.


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8. Flat lay photography

Flat lay photography involves shooting from above items on a flat surface. Some might say they are basic and overused, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. However, done well, it can tell a story or create a vibe. This example is one my company, Everypixel, created.


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9. Stop-motion

This animation technique goes frame by frame to illustrate a moving object – using up to 30 images for a one-second video. A relatively fresh format for visual content marketing, production can be faster and cheaper compared to other video types. This example comes from watch manufacturer Bamford.


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