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Why the 'stay interview' is the next big trend of the Great Resignation

Why the 'stay interview' is the next big trend of the Great Resignation



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The stay interview

Think of it as the opposite of an exit interview: Instead of asking why an employee is quitting, a stay interview focuses on what motivates the employee to stick around, what could be better about their work experience and how they envision the next stage of their career within the or...

The stay interview should be informal and conversational. Workers will only share how they feel about work honestly if they feel a sense of psychological safety, or that they can speak freely without fear of retaliation and knowing their feedback will be fully accepted.

Stay interviews should focus on how your employee feels about the work they do every day, the value of their contributions and how they feel within the organization.

Send workers a few starter questions to prepare for the conversation ahead of time.

Some common questi...

Perhaps most importantly during the Great Resignation, managers should ask their employees what it would take for them to leave the company.

As a supervisor, it’s your job to bring this feedback to the larger organization to see how you can provide the tools, resources ...

Having a stay interview doesn’t mean anything if you don’t act on the feedback you get from your employee.

Follow a few simple steps to close a stay interview on a strong note: Thank the employee for their time, summarize the feedback you’ve heard, relay what your next ...

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