For Smart Companies, Upskilling Is the Perfect Antidote to the Great Resignation - Deepstash
For Smart Companies, Upskilling Is the Perfect Antidote to the Great Resignation

For Smart Companies, Upskilling Is the Perfect Antidote to the Great Resignation

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Upskilling and the Great Resignation

Upskilling and the Great Resignation

During the Great Resignation, companies increasingly invest in upskilling to keep their workforce engaged.

A recent Amdocs survey showed that 90 percent of respondents considered training and upskilling programs an important feature of prospective employers. In the tech industry, it is 98 percent. By training employees, companies can help employees progress in their careers or make lateral moves while remaining in the same company.


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Adopt existing-employee apprenticeships

Adopt existing-employee apprenticeships

If you can't find workers who have the skills you're looking for, commit to on-the-job training.

Establish apprenticeships to re-skill existing employees. Apprenticeships are paid, entry-level opportunities while learning.


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Create education-fueled pathways to growth

Create education-fueled pathways to growth

Invest in continuous learning. It can lead to lateral moves or promotions, but employers shouldn't view training and education as a means to a specific end.

Instead, thinking about education as part of the employee journey can create long-term relationships with your employees.


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Don't make it feel like homework

Workers want to advance their skills so they can progress in their careers, but it shouldn't feel like extra work.

Leaders should ask their employees to target specific career goals and help them understand how they can reach their goals.


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Sometimes the most important life lessons are the ones we end up learning the hard way.

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