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Five Priorities For Communicating During Mergers And Acquisitions

Five Priorities For Communicating During Mergers And Acquisitions


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Culture Transfer During Mergers And Acquisitions

What often happens is that the acquired entity’s culture lies dormant in the first few weeks of integration due to the immediate and urgent operational necessity of other practical tasks. This is where communication is key.

Of course, culture is a complex network of behaviours tha...

It just takes one side conversation that inadvertently deviates from the planned strategy to start the relationship off on the wrong foot. Make sure the leadership team is clearly aligned.

One-on-one discussions take place as part of deal negotiation, and these conversations can have ...

When it comes to M&A, the reality is that business isn’t just business. People enable a business to operate, and people have feelings and emotions, particularly about changes that are out of their control.

Communications managers should become change agents, and it is important that their ...

Just as you would when marketing to a potential prospect, you should take a needs-based approach and communicate based on what they want to know — not what you want to tell them. Prepare to handle objections; it’s inevitable.

Often, you can’t answer questions around contracts, benefits and...

The most impactful and effective comms are those that take the most time and effort to deliver. Two-way and visual comms are key; employees are no different from consumers or clients. They want to engage with humans and to feel that the business understands them as individuals.

For ex...

A tried-and-tested execution plan for both internal and external comms is important, yet it’s equally important not to be rigid with that strategy and to adjust your comms plan according to the way in which employees are responding in real time.

People are the most unpredictable part of t...



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