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As long as you’re unequivocally clear about who you are and what you stand for, and begin with the structural, big-picture ideation, you should be on your way to executing a successful, cohesive rebrand.


So you’re thinking about a rebrand? Here’s where to begin

So you’re thinking about a rebrand? Here’s where to begin


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Rebranding: A New Identity

How should you think about evolving the brand identity of your own organization, and when is the opportune moment to do so? It’s important to understand that this process should not happen in a vacuum.

Every successful brand refresh is the product of intentional, mission-driven r...

If you’re thinking about revamping your organization’s brand identity, consider what’s driving you to do so. And the answer to “why now?” should extend beyond “why not now?” What factors—whether internal, external, or both—are contributing to the desire to reconsider your organization’s ...

Once you have articulated the “why” behind your organization’s brand refresh, qualitative and quantitative insights gathered through research and testing are integral to ensure authenticity and resonance with your key audiences.

Be intentional with the research and testing you underta...

Don’t let potential criticism or hesitation ruffle you. So long as you’ve been thorough in your research, intentional in your decision-making, and feel confident that you’ve taken necessary perspectives into consideration, it’s ok if everyone isn’t immediately excited about your new look, feel, n...

This age of content creation, consumption, and engagement, in conjunction with rapid technology proliferation, can feel overwhelming. But it also provides an opportunity to take another look at your brand identity during perhaps one of the most exciting times in history to define and cultivate a ...

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